About the Travel Life Blog

Travel Life, as the name implies, is a blog that celebrates a life of travel and adventure. It is the result not only of a passion for travel, but an eagerness to share our experiences with others (and possibly motivate them along the way). This means that we cover the full experience of each excursion rather than focusing on a specific aspect. We do take a more general approach, but doing so allows us to capture as much of the heart of each local as we possibly can. We also hope to cover a few of the little known facts that elude most tourists.

This means that the Travel Life blog will try to capture the soul of each new destination. As such, we hope to engage in an exploration of each local’s outdoor scene, historical monuments, and its unique local culture that sets it apart from the rest of the world. Even if we can’t capture it all, we will at least describe each experience from a unique perspective. Along the way, we’ll sample the local cuisine, party during some unique local festivals and hopefully make a new friend or two.

Our hope is to inspire others to more deeply consider the travel life for themselves. We have known far too many people who have expressed a desire for travel and adventure, but seemed to think that it was out of their reach, preventing them from ever trying. There is so much our world has to offer us, and too many people remain willfully blind until it’s too late.