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We’ve seen a number of service industries taken over by tech-savvy entrepreneurs (think Uber and couchsurfing) through clever use of technology. Now, custom travel tours can been added to the list. As with its counterparts, the growing custom travel tour business allows guides (whether human or automated) to operate on their own schedule and work one-on-one with customers. This is great for travelers because it allows them to connect with other knowledgeable travelers, website or even locals to guide them along their trip. It also saves them from crowded tour buses and trolleys that tend to stick with their own strict schedules. It’s a great way to discover the hidden gems typically known only to locals. Gone are the days of paying for an expensive tour package with only one or two stops that actually interest you. Here are a few vendors to get started with:

Vayable: Connect with Local Guides for an Exclusive Tour

Vayable – Vayable began as a travel site that would try to help travelers create custom vacation packages. Over time, it evolved into a travel service that allows “Insiders” to act as individual tour guides in their own area. For example, you probably knew that Atlanta is a big city, but did you know that it also has its own outdoor scene, complete with hiking trails, mountain biking, and even white water kayaking, right inside the city limits? Vayable connects travelers with locals who are familiar with such hidden gems. They can then work with Insiders to create custom travel tours if they wish. It allows tourists to experience a unique aspect of their destination unknown to most visitors. Full Disclosure: Yours truly is a Vayable Insider. Check them out at

Custom Travel Tours with Your Trip to Go

This site is what happens when entrepreneurs who are genuinely in love with travel decide to capitalize on their passion and help others in the process. Think of it as a template for custom travel tours. Currently, they feature a variety of unique predefined trips across Canada and the U.S. Visitors can then customize whatever aspects they wish or create their own travel plan. They also include several photo galleries and descriptions to help visitors become more acquainted with lesser known trips and destinations. As you customize a trip, the site begins to act kind of like a virtual tour guide. This is a great resource if you have always wanted to visit a particular destination but have no idea where to start. You can find them at

Custom Travel Collaboration with Roadtrippers

If you’re traveling with friends, Roadtrippers offers a great tool that helps travelers collaborate with each other.  This means that you can customize a trip plan, send an email to your friends, and let them further customize the trip’s details.  This is great if you want quick ideas and feedback from your travel companions but can’t always get together to plan.  It’s also great if you need to plan a trip with others on a busy schedule.  When each participant makes a change to the trip’s details, they are saved online.  Their fellow travelers can then logon to the website, view and consider the changes, then add their own input.  As each participant adds a location to the trip, the site will also feature other nearby hotels, restaurants, and points of interest, potentially allowing it to do most of the work for you.